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    Our quotation ranges are as follows;

    After all the necessary documents; PAAR, AWBs, invoice, Form M, Insurance, Packing List and NAFDAC permit, receipts and SON Certificate where its applicable. In addition, customs duty must have been paid.

    1kg   – 300kgs             150,000 per shipment

    301kg – 600kg           250,000 per shipment

    601kg – 1000kg         450,000 per shipment

    1001kg – 3000kg     600,000 per shipment

    Note that these charges covered the operation and documentation as well.


    Based on the modality and understanding that subsisting within the industry, and shipment coming to the country. The consignee/ shippers must make the invoice available prior to the arrival of the shipment in order to make proper classification of the goods into the NIGERIA CUSTOMS TARRIF BOOK and to avoid double taxation and hiccup that might cause delay in delivery within the agreed time.


    Charges Chart for Non –PAAR jobs are as follows;


    1kg – 50kgs       80,000                           customs duty DEPENT ON INVOICE VALUE

    51kg – 300kg   165,000                             customs duty DEPENT ON INVOICE VALUE

    301kg – 1000kg – X #350 per kgs          customs duty DEPENT ON INVOICE VALUE

    1001kg – 3000kg –@ 300 per kgs           customs duty DEPENT ON INVOICE VALUE

    These charges cover customs duties, handling charges, documentation charges, and other relevant charges

    Note that transportation charges are bore by the client irrespective of the distance and location

    We make promise of delivery of any shipment/ goods assigned to our company within the 72hours after its arrival.

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